10 PC x Thermal Martensitic (Heat-Activated) Nickel Titanium Archwires

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<b>10 PC x</b> Thermal Martensitic (Heat-Activated) Nickel Titanium Archwires

Pack of: 10 pcs

The "Shape Memory Effect" of the wire describes how our archwires work to return to their original shape after engagement, providing effective movement of the patient's teeth.

This archwire's martensitic characteristics will ensure that these wires remain very pliable during insertion. After insertion is complete, the thermally activating body temperature will then fully activate the shape memory and super elastic properties.

Our martensitic archwires provide light continuous force that are ideal for optimal tooth movement. the light forces combines with the martensitic properties allow you to engage larger wire sizes earlier in treatment with lesser patient discomfort.

Due to the pliable condition at room temperature, these wires can also be engages in severely misaligned teeth allowing the orthodontist sufficient time for insertion prior to their thermal activation.

The transition temperatures are as follows:

Round wires: 26°C - 32°C

Square/Rectangular: 29°C - 35°C

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