10PCS x Beta-Titanium Archwires

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<b>10PCS x</b> Beta-Titanium Archwires

Beta-Titanium wires offers doctors several clinical advantages.

Stiffness and Resiliency
Due to the stiffness and resiliency properties that are inherent in the material, this allows you to apply larger wire sizes earlier in the treatment of the patient, increasing efficiency and eliminates the the need for frequent patient appointments.

Torque Qualities
Due to their force and flexibility, these archwires are known their excellent torque qualities and the ability to add torque when necessary.

Nickel Free
Does not contain nickel which may cause a reaction of irritation to patients who are nickel sensetive.

Ducility and Formability
Form loops and bends with ease. The superior ducility ensures that fracturing does not occur when you form loops and bends in the archwires.

Pain Reduction
Due to the lighter forces applied to these wires, in comparison to the forces found in stainless steel, these archwires offer a better choice for patients with a low pain tolerance.

Pack of: 10 pcs


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